Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does an individual have to travel to Saudi Arabia with a tailor-made package or group, or can he/she travel individually?

An individual may travel to Saudi Arabia with a group, with a tailor made package or individually. If the individual requires a mahram, both must travel together.

2.What are the benefits of travelling with a group?

The benefits of travelling with a group include the following: 1) It is sometimes cheaper to travel with a group as the costs are divided by the number of people sharing a room 2) HST GLOBAL has a very reputable relationship with agents in Saudi Arabia, and we can get hotel rooms at a competitive rate. This will reduce the package rates as we can bulk buy a large number of rooms 3) There will always be a reliable group leader with you, to guide you through your journey and help with any issues you may encounter.

Please note: If you choose to travel as part of a group, you do not have to stay with the group throughout your trip. You will have the freedom to explore individually.

3.Can a female travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah on her own?

According to Sharia Law a female has to travel with a mahram, who is a close male relative, ie: father, son, grandson, brother, paternal uncle, grandfather, nephew, father in law and son in law. Saudi authorities now allow women over the age of 45 years old to travel in a group without a mahram.

4.Is it possible to change the flight dates?

Once the tickets have been booked, the tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable.

5.Can I take a phone with me?

Yes you can take a phone. You can choose to either purchase a sim from Saudi Arabia, or connect to the wifi.

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